Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion

Drill-Free Dentistry

One of the things many patients dread about the dentist is the dental drill. Even if you’ve been given anesthesia, the noise of the dental drill can send a shiver down the bravest spine. At Calian Dental, we understand this, which is why we have moved into drill-free dentistry.

Instead of using dental drills for removing tooth decay, we now use a technique called air abrasion. (We may also use laser dentistry in certain cases.) Air at supersonic speed blows a mild powder abrasive onto your teeth, gently brushing tooth decay away. 

As long as we catch your cavity early enough, we’re able to use this pain-free technique – all without numb lips, shots, or that shudder-inducing drill noise.

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Whether you suspect you have tooth decay or you are simply ready for your regular cleaning and checkup, Calian Dental is here to help you. Let us examine your teeth to determine if you are a candidate for air abrasion. Call us today to learn more and set your next appointment.
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